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Since our launch in early 2016, our focus has been you: The Startup. The goal of Five23 is to allow Startups and investors to have a better understanding of the company as a whole. We do this by looking at the Startup from both a macro and micro level. Everything from projected financials to the stress levels of the team members are evaluated. Once we have a clear understanding of the Startup, we create an in depth business report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses.


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Establish a Baseline

An issue facing many Startups today is the ability to present company related data in a non-bias manner. This is where Five23 comes in. We work with you to develop a customized business report you may present to current and potential investors. We look at each company from a third party, non-bias view point. Because of this, you can be assured you are receiving the most accurate analysis of your business. The business report allows you to establish a baseline as you enter into due diligence rounds with investors, and gives you a clear image of the company and how to grow.

Invigorate Your Confidence

Seeing things eye to eye with investors can be difficult as you start to raise capital. Many times, investors see things that the Startup has overlooked. Five23’s Business Reports help you solve these problems. We analyze the financials of your venture, the product / service you are offering, the expected margins and do a full analysis of the startup team (among many other items). Once we have collected the data, we create a business report that gives an in depth look at each item, as well as your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This gives you an unbiased picture of your Startup, and increases your confidence as you meet with potential and current investors because you know exactly what you have from an outside point of view.

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Easy Process

As an Entrepreneur, you need things done quickly. Five23 understands this, that is we work as efficiently as possible to deliver the Business Reports in a timely manner. On average, a report takes just five business days to complete. It also is very hands off for the Startup. At the start of the process, we ask for each company to complete our data entry form. This consist of mostly financial information related to the company and general business items. In the case of the ‘Growth Hacker’ and ‘Master Class’ Packages the core team members of your venture are also looked at in depth. From there, the remainder of the process is handled by us. On average, a CEO of a company can expect to spend 80 minutes completing the process.

Five23’s Statistics


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Founders who learned something about their company they didn't realize before the Business Report


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Startups that received funding within 6 months using Five23's Business Reports in dealings with investors


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Entrepreneurs found the valuation was accurate based on the contents of the Business Report

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