Process Overview

Five23’s goal since day one is to make it easier for startups to raise money. From the day you start to when you are ready for an IPO, we want you to have a good understanding of what your company is worth. Whether you’re starting to look for funding, entering your Series ‘B’ or finally ready to accept that acquisition, our process is designed to help you know exactly where you stand. We aim to make our process as easy as possible so you focus on building your company rather than focusing efforts on due diligence. On average, it takes most startups just two hours to complete everything required. We need to collect vital company data from you and conduct team member interviews (if you have chosen our Growth Hacker or Master Class packages). From there, the rest is on us. We take your data, analyze it and report back with our findings. It’s that easy.

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Data Collection

Make your data visible to investors. The process starts by gathering all the necessary data to analyze your startup. To have a better understanding of your venture, we have designed a detailed form allowing you to get the most out your data.  This approach will allow to have a clear picture of the venture as a whole including aspects that normally are forgotten when analyzing your startup and finding an accurate valuation.


Team Analysis

Teams are the core of any startup, and it’s important to stand out where it matters to enhance its strengths when you can. Five23’s process focuses on showing investors who you really are. We look at many items that are important for investors, and can give key insights to them as to how you operate as a team. Our reporting process can show investors how good of a leader you are, and how your team is prepared to put the idea into business. If your team is not ready, we give you insights of your venture to gain the confidence you need.


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Here is where the magic happens. Our machine learning algorithms  dive into the figures and  all the information provided about your startup to analyzed the data against thousands of startups and larger companies from around the world.  Over 48,000 data points are analyzed, making A.I. more accessible to private equity finances, and the way how the calculation process is done. All, while finding the right valuation of your venture.


In Depth Report

Once all the calculations and analyses are done, Five23 creates an in depth company report. This report includes: The Valuation Calculation, Business Analysis, Market Strengths and Weaknesses among many more items (find the full list of included items here). The final report will give you a better understanding of where the startup is, what it’s worth and why. It will show any shortcomings the company has as well as its greatest assets. It will give the entrepreneur suggestions as to how to improve and paths to get there. For both investors and founders, our reports give unmatched insights into the venture and how to make it a success.


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Want to know if Five23 thinks the venture is investable? Five23’s White-Listing service answers this question. We check to see if the venture has realistic and attainable finances, they are strong from a team member standpoint, and whether or not they have a clear roadmap of where they are going. Once these items have been confirmed, Five23 will issue a White-Listing certificate proving the company has met the requirements. This is provided for both our Growth Hacker and Master Class packages.