How Teams Engage Future Customers

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How Teams Engage Future Customers

Over the past year we’ve had the chance to talk with entrepreneurs from all over the world, and discovered what makes a product or idea successful nowadays. For many, it’s very simple: Innovation. We know innovation has always been a key aspect when thinking about new things to do or creating new products. However, what we discovered goes beyond having a marvelous product between your hands or the most innovative idea of all time.

Customers not only become engaged through your brilliant product or idea, but also with your team. Your team is one of your strongest assets when selling or promoting your product and your passion as an entrepreneur. Taking the time to keep your team happy, connected and motivated will indeed help your startup achieve and maintain success.

Now answer this question: How many times have you preferred a company over another just because of how they make you feel?

If you answered “more than once” ─ it is enough ─ startups want returning customers rather than having one customer buying only once and then leave with a bad taste in their mouths. As you probably know people are there for the experience, i.e. not consciously thinking, so why not to use this fact to your advantage? Train your team regularly, value their skills, hire smart, challenge them to constantly innovate (who doesn’t like to be challenged!), and you will have your product or idea reaching many places at once.

Think of those times when you liked a product so much that you couldn’t stop talking about it. You talk about it at a party, at work, at the gym, you told your friends how great this product was for you that everyone should get one, because you have had a great experience with it. Probably the company who created that product never found out how enthusiastic you were about their product, but many of your friends remembered what you said and went ahead to try and test this new wonder. Does this sound familiar? This is exactly what your team is doing at this exact moment ─ talking about your idea, product, creation or innovation. Now, can you really control what people are saying about it? Most likely not, but if you spend as much time creating ambassadors in your team/for your company as you do working on your idea you are set for success.

Help your startup through your team; become successful through better practices; get quick wins setting your team up to win. Little, small or big wins keeps brains alert, alert to the next and quicker win. Training your ambassadors and boosting their motivation through clarity on what is expected, as well as communicating goals and objectives, providing tools, knowledge or skills will bring comfort to the entire team ─ thus building a sense of purpose and belonging.

Build a solid platform for your startup and your future customers. It’s never too late to start getting people on board.

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