Closing Your Investment Round with Five23

Close Your Investment Round with Five23

Closing Your Investment Round with Five23

Ready to close your investment round?

Five23 can help you close your investment round, no matter what stage.


Built for Startups

Since our launch in early 2016, our focus has been you: The Startup. The goal of Five23 is to allow Startups and investors to have a better understanding of the company as a whole, and raise capital faster. We do this by looking at your company from both a macro and micro level. Everything from projected financials to the stress levels of the team members are evaluated. Once we have a clear understanding of the Startup, we create an in depth business report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses. This report can then be sent to investors, giving them a non-biased third party view of your venture.


What Investors Want to See

Five23 was born out of the investment world. We know what investors want to see in your company, and our reports focus on these items. You want to show investors who you are and what you can do. Five23’s reports specifically target these items from both a human and financial side of the business, ensuring your venture receives the attention it deserves. Our business reports are trusted by investors and accelerators around the world. From Dubai to San Francisco, investors use our reports daily.


Simple. Thorough. Precise. Personalized.

We understand, as an entrepreneur time is precious. That’s why we keep our reporting process as simple as possible. It consist of four easy steps, which only two require input from your entrepreneurial team. While a great deal of the analyzation process is done via machine learning artificial intelligence, the overall approach by our team is on a personal level. We look at the “ins and outs” of each company we examine on an individual basis. We want to know what makes the team tick, as well as what will make you the next Uber or Facebook. This personalized and in depth approach is what ensures Five23’s reputable quality. So whether you are a first-timer or a serial entrepreneur, you can be sure Five23’s reports will be of the highest quality for your venture.


Close Your Round Today

Armed with Five23, you will be sure you are giving your startup the best opportunity possible to raise capital. So what are you waiting for? Check out our packages or contact us today to get started today.