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Five23 analyzes big data through Machine Learning and A.I. to find the accurate value of companies. Thus, empowering founders and comforting investors.

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Allowing Startups and Investors to have a better understanding of the company as a whole.




Whether you want more focus on the Startup’s financials or the Team behind the Startup, we want to work with you to tailor our business reports to fit your needs.




At the heart of every Accelerator is the goal of helping Startups succeed. Five23 has this same goal.


The Process

Data Collection

We gather all of the necessary data regarding your startup. This includes: Balance Sheets, P&Ls, EBITDA, Yearly and Monthly Revenue and Expenses, Average Margins and Projections among many more.

Team Analysis

80% of investments are made based on the team behind the venture. Your team is interviewed, put up to a stress test and finally vetted to ensure you are up to the challenge.

Artificial Intelligence

This is where the magic happens. Over 2,500 algorithms pour over the numbers and the Team Analysis to give you the most accurate company valuation out there.

In Depth Report

Receive your in depth company report which includes: highly accurate valuation calculation, Business Report, Pros and Cons of the venture as well as an investment summary to give to investors.

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Artificial Intelligence

The first of its kind in the private equity market, Five23 utilizes custom built Artificial Intelligence programs to discover the true value of each venture. Using the latest machine learning models, we are able to analyze big data across a myriad of industries and regions related to the financial aspects of each company. Our algorithms also take into consideration many factors secondary to financial information, such as: location, education, experience and stress levels of the team. When these items are combined and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence, Five23 is able to assess each venture to a very high degree of accuracy. As a startup or investor, you can be sure you are getting the most accurate information available today in the industry, as well as becoming more empowered with the discovery of new insights.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.


– Albert Einstein –


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